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Darla Sauler Shocked To See These Things Inside Angelica Panganiban’s Bag

DARLA SAULER  – Famous television personality Darla Sauler was able to have an exclusive chance to see what’s inside the bag of the Kapamilya actress and comedian Angelica Panganiban.

Surely, at some point in one of your imagination, you get curious as to what could be inside the bag of a certain person or most especially, the contents of the bag of a certain celebrity.

And Darla Sauler seems lucky enough to have a personal peek at the bag of the famous Kapamilya star Angelica Panganiban.

On the Facebook page of Push is where the record of the scene was obtained from.

And this had only proven how Angelica remained so humble and simple despite the popularity and on being one of the most experienced in the said field.

Surprisingly, Angelica’s bag is a back pack, unlike other female artists who preferred using the “girly” ones.

Darla even asked her with a quite of disbelief on her expression, “Asan na ‘yung mga bags mong pa-gurl?”

The actress just answered, “Mga bags kong pa-gurl?Ah, nasa bahay lang sila.”

And then both of them laugh at such remark.

Angelica explained, “Ginagamit ko lang sila sa work, ganun, ‘pag kailangan, ganyan. Mahilig talaga akong mag-backpack, ganyan. Very school girl ‘yung datingan.”

And then the actress the content revealed the insides of her bag the very first she pulled off were bills and payment.

She said, “Ayan, ‘di ko lang siya nagagawa sa bahay dahil laging on-the-go.”

“Tapos, may mga pouch ako, may floss, tapos extrang pantali, dahil ako si ponytail girl. Lipbalm, siguro eto ‘yung mga pangbanyo-banyo, ganyan. Breath mints, alcohol…”

And what Darla got astonished to again is the fact that she found no makeup kit inside the bag.

To which Angelica clarified and indicated that she does not usually use makeup, she only uses one if for work or other occasions but she has with her is a moisturizer.


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