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Former PBB Housemate Wil Dasovich Diagnosed With Cancer

Former Pinoy Big Brother house and travel blogger Wil Dasovich revealed on Thursday via a vlog (video blog) that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

“I think everyone wants to live a long life. I would like to live a long life. But what’s more important to me is how I live my life,” he began.

Wil Dasovich is currently in the United States wherein he undergo medical check ups due to internal bleeding.

In his latest travel blog, he wraps up his life as a blogger, showcasing his adventures in different parts of Southeast Asia.

“It’s not the years in your life, but it’s the life in your years that count. The biggest thing that we have to realize is that life has no limitations except the ones we create,” he said.

According to ABS-CBN News, he 25-year-old former Pinoy Big Brother housemate also thanked the people who supported him throughout his journey.

Wil Dasovich thanked our country for the “never-ending smiles, the continuous laughter, overwhelming hospitality, anf the resilience to remain positive no matter the situation.”

“Are you satisfied with the way you’ve lived your life and have you maximized your experiences? My answer to that question is yes. And that’s why I’m content with my condition and the hardships I face,” Wil said.

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