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Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco Addresses Judgments Of Being Not Deserving Of Crown

KAREN IBASCO – Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco has addressed people who were criticizing her for being not deserving of the crown and the title.

Definitely, the newly hailed queen Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco still has this feeling of floating in the air because of her glorious victory.

Karen Ibasco snatched the crown away from more than 80 competitors vying for the international title and crown in the said prestigious pageant as her performance during the competition outshone others.

However, despite her victory, there are still people who fell doubtful of her triumph as they have felt she is not deserving of the title and the crown.

On the Instagram account of Ibasco is where she shared her thoughts about her winning and how it was hard for her for the country has hosted the competition.

In one of her posts is where she stated that she never imagined herself to be in such situation where she would represent the country and the win the title.

“I am confident enough to say that it was not by my own abilities that made me standout in performing during the coronation night in all segments especially in the question and answer portion, it was by the Spirit of God that led me through. Apart from Him I could not have done it. He was the One who gave me confidence and wisdom in presenting myself as a whole package in front of the whole world.”

Furthermore, she added for those who doubted her glory, “It’s never easy to win the crown in your own country because you have to make double even triple efforts to show to everyone that you’re fighting the battle at your best just like everybody else but what made my journey extra special was the overwhelming support I got from my fellow Filipinos.”

Indeed, Ibasco’s success is a country’s pride!

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