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Pauleen Luna’s Mother Excitedly Shares Photo Of Actress’ Baby

PAULEEN LUNA – The mother of the actress Pauleen Luna, Chat Luna, excitedly shared a glimpse of the actress and Vic Sotto’s baby girl.

According to a previous report, the actress has already given birth to her first child with husband Vic Sotto.

And it was a healthy and bouncing baby girl.

The people are definitely waiting for them to share a photo of their child and are so excited to have a gaze at it.

And the mother of Pauleen Luna is obviously the most excited of all.

On the Instagram account of Chat Luna, Pauleen’s mother is where she shared a photo of the baby.

Take a look at it below:

The may not depict the full features of the baby but its tiny hands are already enough to capture some hearts.

The people of the social media community were all curious as to how the baby looks like.

They were asking if the baby girl looked like Pauleen or Vic.

Here are some of the comments obtained from the post:

Congrats po mam chat at kay poleng at bossing napakasaya po nnin

Is she holding your finger @chat.luna? Sino kamukha? Excited talaga kami to see Baby T! Congratulations to Lola Chat & Lolo Gene

Congrats Pauleen & Bossing!!!! Cant wait to see little princess.

ang ganda ng mga daliri congrats Bossing and Poling

Mother and child first bonding moment….so cute! Congrats to pauleen and bossing vic

How is our love Pauleen Luna Sotto doing after giving birth? We hope & pray that all is well with the new mother. Thank you

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